Thursday, 12 January 2012

Save Lennox!

This is not Dane related, but it certainly is dog related!

I recently stumbled upon this story online of an Irish dog who was seized from his family over 20 months ago by authorities for "resembling a pitbull".  Pitbulls are illegal in Ireland as they are dubbed dangerous canines.  Shows what they know.  His name is Lennox and he has been contained in a small concrete kennel of sawdust for the entire 20 months of his "captivity". 

Lennox is a DNA'd American Bulldog/Lab cross and still authorities are fighting his family in court to have him destroyed based on his looks - if he was human we would be screaming racism!  Please sign the online petition to save Lennox's life!  This isn't your dog now, but tomorrow it could be as breed legislation creeps around the world!  Along with the petition the link also has a note from his owners.  If you would like more information on Lennox and his family, you can visit there blog here.

Lennox Locked In His Inhumane Belfast Council Contracted Kennel Surrounded With Sawdust For Bedding & His Own Crap

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